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Affordable R&D Startup Space

Starting any company is hard, but bringing a new technology to market is even harder. 


Inventopia focuses on providing resources for "tough tech" companies - those that require up-front R&D, prototyping and testing.


The paradox for tough tech entrepreneurs is that doing this kind of development work is expensive; yet it is hard to raise capital if you havent aready done that work.


Inventopia exists to break this paradox.   We provide low-cost access to cutting edge laboratory and prototyping technologies so that you can spend less time and money on raising money, and more time on "doing the work".

Davis' Leading Engineering & Life Science Incubator

a community of inventors "building the future"

Inventopia is a member of the UC Davis Venture Catalyst Distributed Research Incubation and Venture Engine (DRIVE™) Program, a network of lean, thematically oriented business incubators.
Current Tenants & Members

Automated tools for Embryologists

Ravata Solutions

Insight Labs.png

Realtime Food Analysis Solutions

Insight Labs


Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine



Chip-Based sensors for Gas Detection

SensIT Ventures


Plants that are living sensors



Prototyping, Engineering & More

Aggie Industries

Screenshot 2019-07-08 13.58.14.png

Autoimmune Antigens for InVitro Diagnostics

JP Bio

Repurpose Energy_edited.png

Power Storage Using Reclaimed EV Batteries

RePurpose Energy

Yolo Robotics_edited.jpg

Robotic Mushroom Harvesters

Yolo Robotics


Lung Disease Theraputics 


Become a Member

Becoming a member of Inventopia is easy.   Just hit the "sign up" button above.

We have a variety of membership types to match the needs of different startups. There are a variety of access levels for day-use of the Microfactory which you can sign up for directly.  Just sign up and contact us for an orientation.


If you need your own workbench space start the process by selecting "free registration" and then contact us to arrange a visit.   We will create a custom membership profile based on your needs.  

All memberships have a minimum 6 month term and you can cancel with 30 days notice at any time thereafter.  You pay first and last month at signup.  Full terms and conditions can be found here and must be agreed to during the signup process. 


Office Options:

  • Co-Working

  • Private Desks

Shared office and collaborative work spaces


Shared Copiers / Printers


  • CNC Mill & Lathe

  • 100W Laser Engraver

  • 3D Printers

  • Full Electronics Lab

  • And more!

Awesome Community of

Innovative Individuals 


  • Fume Hood

  • Atmospheric Glove Box

  • Incubators

  • Autoclave

  • HPLC / Mass Spec

  • All common lab meters and glassware

  • DI Water Generated On-Site

Next to Sudwerk...  End of week get togethers every friday.

Coffee Avaliable 24/7


Come See Us!


630 Peña Drive  Suite 100

DAVIS, CA 95618

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